2017 Walk to Answer TTP Together

The Answering TTP Community is Taking Steps Together to Help Answer TTP

 Walking Together. Anywhere in the World. Any Distance.

Saturday, September 16, 2017.

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Overall Event Goal: 




The TTP Community will be walking in their local communities individually, in pairs, or in a team for 2 hours any distance. Customizable donation webpage for TTP fundraising provided. Registration ended August 25. For late registration opportunities email Events@AnsweringTTP.org.


This is Your Opportunity to
Enable TTP Research
such as...

A prospective randomised controlled trial of low-dose versus standard dose rituximab for prevention of relapses in acquired TTP.

"The findings of the study will directly affect care of TTP patients, as it will investigate the benefit of rituximab in patients at preventing TTP relapse and whether low-dose treatment is as effective and may have fewer side effects."  
      --- Dr. M. Thomas

Read more about this and other TTP research supported by the Foundation here

It’s up to you to help us reach our Goal!


Together we will raise life-saving awareness and funds to benefit
effective TTP research, education and patient support.

The TTP Community is a small and geographically dispersed population. The Walk to Answer TTP Together is designed to enable everyone to help improve the prognosis for all TTP patients. You don't need to be an athlete, you just have to want to help make change. Walk for 2 hours anywhere in the world, any distance at any time of day. Register to receive your customizable team and/or individual donation page today. Click here now!
Our tools will help you make the most of your walk. Check out our Tips & Tricks and detailed instructions.
Walk with other local walkers. To be connected with other walkers in your area, please email Events@AnsweringTTP.org by September 10, 2017. You must have already registered for the event to be connected with other walkers.


Please consider supporting the walk by pledging a participant. Click here for participant listing. If you do not know any participants you can make a general donation to the event by clicking here. Charitable Receipts for donations of $25 or more. 

2016 Event 

In 2016 we raised almost $33,000 thanks to 147 international participants, including 10 teams. Top fundraising team was won by Toronto Walkers. The Spirit award was won by Team Cindy Moes. Walk individually, or learn more about how to form your team here.

What is TTP?

A TTP, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, diagnosis is scary and complex. Many patients have never heard of this 3 letter acronym before, nor have they any idea as to its ramifications. TTP is a medical emergency causing small blood clots and potentially fatal complications. Early diagnosis is key to survival. TTP can strike anyone, at any stage of life. Three in one million people are diagnosed each year. Symptoms include: fatigue, fever, diarrhea, chest pain, bleeding, dark urine, confusion, headaches, visual changes, bruising, purpura, petechiae.

Research is Hope. Awareness is Low. Early Diagnosis is Key.

More information at www.AnsweringTTP.org

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