2017 Walk to Answer TTP Together



Teams create grassroots life-saving awareness! It is EASY to form your team.

5 Easy Steps

  1. Form a team of 10. Gather interest from 10 people who want to help make a difference and generate awareness for T.T.P.
  2. Register your team of 10 people HERE
  3. Customize and share your donation page. Engage your team members to share to raise awareness and collect donations towards your team goal.
  4. Pick a place and time for you and your team to walk on Saturday, September 16, 2017 to help raise funds for T.T.P. research!
  5. Send us your photos to help continue building life-saving awareness online.

This is a GREAT opportunity as patients and supporters.

It is up to you to create grassroots fundraising for T.T.P. in your community!

Together we can make a difference.

HEAD (10223-13073-201804191625) WIN-10OQ810534K